Producer's Training with Derrick Warfel

By 168 Film Festival (other events)

Saturday, May 7 2016 9:00 AM 5:00 PM

Never made a film before? Made films before but want to sharpen your skills? Made a lot of films before but want to get motivated to move to a new level in this 168?

"This class was incredibly helpful. It taught me where to begin. The class helped me, a first-time producer, understand everything I needed to produce two films. (Both of which screened not only at the 168 Film Festival, but at several festivals around the world). Susu Keepman Lee; Producer "Real Estate Superman" (2007, Winner Friday Audience Award) "No I in Security"

"Taking the 168 Producers Workshop is like taking a Master's Class in film making. It is a must do event if you are serious about wanting your project to succeed." --Vance Elliott, Producer Director, "Derby Day" (Winner 2007, Children's Film Award, 168 Film Festival)

Thank you Derrick and John for such a fun filled packed comprehensive seminar that was as enlightened as it was entertaining! I only hope to remember all that there was to absorb ! I would recommend this seminar to anyone at all levels of interest and experience! Excellent. Jill Naumann (Professional PM, Location Manager)

We really enjoyed this Workshop! Awesome stuff, thanks. Calvin & Carol Conkey YWAM Create Ministries

In one jam-packed Saturday we cover everything from developing your story idea to turning in a finished short film to 168.

- Pitching your idea to get crew, cast, investors

- budgeting dollars, time, resources, personnel

- getting max production value for minimum $

- How many people do you need on your crew and What to look for in "hiring", selecting crew

- The secrets to successful casting

- Fundraising – not as hard as you think, getting others excited about investing in your project.

- Choosing the right locations, when you need city permits and location fees

- Knowing what film equipment to get and how to get it

- Responsibilities to your cast and crew and how to keep them happy. Safety essentials

- legal paperwork, entertainment unions and how not to be overwhelmed by it all

- #1 key to success: How to get the script right and ready to shoot.

- How to schedule your shoot successfully

- Designing the film for a professional style: directing preparation, visual design, sound design

- Rehearsals, how many and when and where

- Previsualization, shot lists, and adequate coverage, call sheets, equipment tests

- Daily prep, tech rehearsals

- Dealing with problems on the set:

- Avoiding amateur mistakes in camera, sound, directing, and editing

- Post Production tips: sound editing, color correction, foley, mood sounds, the mix, credits, VFX

- Marketing: press kits, posters, building buzz,

- Distribution and festivals beyond 168